Kids Shop

My six year old son Jack wants to have a shop! He’s been designing and developing his products since term 3 this year.

To buy Jacks photography products online visit the REDBUBBLE store

Online purchases not available for the products featured below. These links are only for purchasing via credit card at his debut market stall:

Ashram Christmas Fair
10am – 4pm Sunday 12 December 2021
Beacon Yoga Centre at 151 South Street, Fremantle

Pay with credit card: select your item below

Love letters
Writing is still important! Use this letter set to handwrite a letter to someone you love. + $1 to have your letter mailed within Australia.

Paper Boat bunting
2.4m of bunting featuring 12 handmade paper boats.

lightweight earrings made from pyssla beads.

Baby hats
Gender neutral baby hats. Designed to protect bald babies from sunburnt heads while in a baby carrier. Flexible sizing design makes hats suitable for ages 4-12months.*

*may have been designed by Jacks mum for his bald little baby head