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100 day project

So here goes ….I’m going do the #100dayproject. I listened to this podcast and then read this article and its time to give it a go! You have to commit to creating something everyday for 100 days. My project is ‘crafting with a toddler’ The plan is to minimise purchasing materials by using up the giant box of craft stuff I have been “saving” for 3 years. Follow me on  

baby room

Girls bedroom

I wanted to create a girlie room but not your usual one covered in pink. It needed a statement wall that wouldn’t be too hard to change when she develops her own interests so I created a secret garden using fake flowers instead of bunting. I gave an existing bookcase a facelift using contact to create a multi functional ‘doll house’ for toy and book storage.  The shelves are large enough to accomodate different sized items since the types of toys she uses will evolve over the next few years. There’s all so a snuggly spot for reading stories that will eventually be her toddler bed.  

kids play kitchen

Play kitchen

I made this when Jack was 18mths old and I saw other people had play kitchens in their homes. I didn’t want to commit to having extra furniture cluttering up the space so I created this cover for our dining table chairs.  It was sewn out of leftover fabric so it’s washable and is stored in a kitchen drawer. I didn’t want to have a whole collection of kid size kitchen things so I made slots to fit our kitchen utensils. When he’s “cooking” he uses real pots and food from the fridge this means any food that’s past its prime gets used for Jacks cooking before it goes in the bin. It is working better than I expected. Recently we needed to include his ikea stool to the kitchen set up so he could have some “bench space” for his food preparations. Next step is to get him making stuff we want to eat!

story ride

Story Ride

This has been my favourite project yet! It took awhile to come together but now it’s in action it works even better than I imagined.  Working with the Fremantle Bicycle Users group ( BUG) and Samantha Hughes from Inkling Arts we created a story to fit a 2km bike path that links South Beach to the Esplanade Reserve in Fremantle. Install team  The story is spaced along the bike path so you can read it while riding. The promo models The story Order the book online via the Inkling Arts website.   Story ride in action

friends folly flowers

Friends, Folly & Flowers

I’m developing and testing a concept with my talented neighbour Bridget. Friends, Folly and Flowers is a pop up imagination playground. It’s a free play space which allows children and their parents to run in and play straight away. no lines, no waiting, no structured activity. Here’s some photos from our experiments so far.