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Hi,  I’m Sarah. I’m a freelance Digital marketing, Content creation and Events coordinator based in Fremantle. Western Australia. I have broad marketing experience. Why?   Because I can’t sit still!  The marketplace is always changing and I am driven to experiment with all the new shiny things. I learn by being thrown a project,  researching the hell out of it,  watching a bunch of YouTube videos and then JUST DOING IT! I’ve had to be resourceful because the organisations I’ve worked for haven’t had big budgets. I’ve had to experiment with ideas, track the results, develop a sound argument and then campaign for internal change.   I moved from marketing, to community development and events… now I’m back focusing on the digital marketing space.  Why?  The thing I love about community development and events is learning about people and their skills.  Then facilitating an experience where everyone works together to bring an overarching concept to life.  Digital media now offers a more accessible way to share stories and connect with people surpassing so many boundaries.  You can …

Work with me

Marketing Plans Strategy development: create the overarching marketing plan for your business.  Including: Market research for your industry and analysing your current data for trends.  Defining your customer journey and outlining messaging for each stage of the customer journey Set up and link all your social accounts  Refresh your website and other communication tools to be more effective.  Cost: quoted on receipt of brief Marketing Coaching I mentor you to do your own marketing.  I collaborate with your ideas and distil them into an achievable action plan.  I provide you with resources  to upskill you and your staff in digital marketing implementation.  Cost: 1-3 month contracts Content creation Develop strategy to align with your brand value and goals:  content calendar, automating emails– Copywriting: blogs / newsletter / speeches and social captions– Creative: Photography / video / instagram stories– Set up and managing paid ad campaigns Cost: 1-3 month contracts Event Coordination If you are looking for an extra person to be part of your team or manage a component of your event.  Or if you …

women in rottnest

Rottnest Island Video

After completing the Mobile content creation course through the Australian Film Television and Radio School I used a weekend away with some girlfriends to test out my new skills.  Watch the video below.  Filmed on an iPhone XR with selfie stick and external microphone. Edited in iMovie. 

Digital strategy

I love working in a freelance capacity with graphic design house Flametree Creative on digital strategies for their clients. Recent projects include: Developing a direct marketing campaign strategy for a client with a large database that was under utilised. Developing an overarching plan for social media channels and providing training for the client to implement in house. Campaign strategy for the launch of a new service. Facebook/Google ad campaign management and analysis For more information about my skills view my service directory or contact me to discuss.

women coding

Web life

I love attending the meet up group for WordPress developers in Perth. I have met heaps of amazing entrepreneurs, been inside some awesome co working spaces and last weekend learnt to code! Find out more here: and WordPress meet up



It was amazing to work with  Adele Varcoe and the City of Fremantle to bring the WOWzzzeee event to Fremantle Festival: 10 Nights in Port. Huge thank you to all the people that worked on this project.   photo credit: Fremantle Festival: 10 Nights in Port


100 day project

So here goes ….I’m going do the #100dayproject. I listened to this podcast and then read this article and its time to give it a go! You have to commit to creating something everyday for 100 days. My project is ‘crafting with a toddler’ The plan is to minimise purchasing materials by using up the giant box of craft stuff I have been “saving” for 3 years. Follow me on  

1963 - HM The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrive at Victoria Quay on the royal yacht Britannia credit Fremantle Ports

Walk with the Windsors

This project was a collaboration between the Commonwealth walkway project, City of Fremantle local history and Fremantle Story.   This trail required substantial research compared to  previous trails I have developed for Fremantle Story.   The biggest challenge was finding a way to make visiting namesake streets and buildings more engaging while telling the story of Fremantles connection to the monarchy. I think we did a pretty amazing job since the City of Fremantle had the Mayor plugging the trail in the lead up to Megan and Harrys Wedding!  See for yourself at     Image credit: Fremantle Ports.

record player

vintage record player

When we built our house there were a few pieces of vintage furniture from my grandparents house I wanted showcase in our home. This radiogram was a feature in my grandparents lounge room and I loved it. We were also considering purchasing art but I loved the idea of having record covers on display. After extensive pinterest research we discovered Ikea shoe storage boxes are perfect storing records and Ikea frames were the perfect size for record covers! We had a large plain wall above the stairs  but to create a record space there was much harder than you would think. We moved lights,  added a powerpoint, mounted the storage boxes and had difficult access to hang the frames! I’m really happy with how it turned out, what would have been a dead space in our house feels like another room. It was a quandary to source and decide what covers should go in the frames.  I picked up these records for $2 each to get the project rolling.  I’m still rummaging in record bins …