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Bindoon boots social media

Bindoon Boots social media

Bindoon Boots are a ugg boot manufacturer based in Fremantle. They wanted help with their social media.  So I loaded up my car with boots and spend a few days taking pics and making a Facebook plan for them. It’s an amazing factory with only a handful of people creating them. Got a bit obsessed with the industrial sew machines.

Toy Library. Image Max Kordyl.

Toy Library

I love my local toy library! I was thrilled to be able to help them out with a project recently.  As part of the project I got together with some friends and photographer Max Kordyl to take some amazing shots.

friends folly flowers

Friends, Folly & Flowers

I’m developing and testing a concept with my talented neighbour Bridget. Friends, Folly and Flowers is a pop up imagination playground. It’s a free play space which allows children and their parents to run in and play straight away. no lines, no waiting, no structured activity. Here’s some photos from our experiments so far.  

Fashion for over 60

Fashion ideas for 60+

My Mum was traveling to Europe for the summer to attend my brothers wedding. So even though we live in different countries I started intervening about what she was going to wear as mother of the groom…… Then I got carried away and organised a whole wardrobe for her holiday. It was shipped over waiting for her when she arrived.  So I’d love to post a picture of the final outfit she wore to the wedding but  I still don’t have any official photos yet. Read the magazine of ideas I put together for her.