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We’ve been doing the bulk cook strategy for a couple of months now. It’s saving me! Saturday nights we put the toddler and the baby to bed crack out the wine, cheese and spotify while we prep food for the week. (we make bigger serves so we can add to our collection of frozen meals).

Hardest thing I found was finding vegetarian recipes and selecting a variety of flavours and textures that would freeze well.

So here are my favourite picks so far!

Dinner recipes that freeze well:



Pasta sauce

Yellow curry paste

Dinner recipes to cook fresh 

These require minimal attention but I’d probably still make this earlier in the day…..  anything can happen at 5pm.


Salads that will last a week in fridge. I learnt basically replace salad leaves with red cabbage and cucumber with celery.

Breakfast on the run

Instead of cake at 3pm

This gets me through the dinner/ bed dramas in a way better mood.

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