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ultimate camping set up


After a series of tent breakages and a year of deliberation and research about the ultimate camping set up we picked up a second hand 2007 Jayco Hawk. After a quick weekend camp we wrote an extensive list of modifications to make while keeping it a simple as possible to set up. The aim was it should only take us 40mins to set up a full campsite.

It turned out great and being self sufficient with luxuries has  opened up so many more camping sites to us…..especially with two small kids in tow.



Added drawers in the poky cupboards inside and large drawers to the outdoor cupboard to create an outdoor kitchen. We bought Ikea wire drawers that fit on the floor when the caravan is packed down. When we arrive at destination they fit on the bench secured with small wing nuts to store our clothes. I recommend Kathmandu tanker cargo bags as they compress small bags when you have unpacked.


More gas and gas points

Added an extra 5kg bottle and got 2 gas points added at the back of the caravan for the hot water, shower and the BBQ.



Bought a hot water system and created a custom bracket to hold the shower in place. Then a pop up tent can be placed over the unit if extra privacy is required.


Outdoor Kitchen




We revised the bbq stand to save time in set up and create a larger food prep area. This means we had to create a specific plan of how to pack the caravan so we don’t have to dismantle this! The ziggler and brown bbq is great as it as the option to turn it into two gas hot plates if you don’t want to have a traditional bbq.





We installed solar panels and added a plug and usb point that enables us to charge off 9volt power. Also added an anderson plug to run the fridge and charge the battery while we are driving.


Added electric pump on inside tap rather than the original hand pump.

All bedding, toiletries and kids toys are kept in caravan. Microfiber towels are a great space saver and dry so quickly on a campsite. We stocked up on gourmet pantry essentials so we just grab any fresh food left in our fridge before we leave and that will be enough to last us a few days.


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