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Hi,  I’m Sarah.

I’m a freelance Digital marketing, Content creation and Events coordinator based in Fremantle. Western Australia.

I have broad marketing experience. Why?  

Because I can’t sit still!  The marketplace is always changing and I am driven to experiment with all the new shiny things. I learn by being thrown a project,  researching the hell out of it,  watching a bunch of YouTube videos and then JUST DOING IT! I’ve had to be resourceful because the organisations I’ve worked for haven’t had big budgets. I’ve had to experiment with ideas, track the results, develop a sound argument and then campaign for internal change.  

I moved from marketing, to community development and events… now I’m back focusing on the digital marketing space.  Why? 

The thing I love about community development and events is learning about people and their skills.  Then facilitating an experience where everyone works together to bring an overarching concept to life.  Digital media now offers a more accessible way to share stories and connect with people surpassing so many boundaries.  You can now connect with your customers like never before. It’s like marketing and community development got married and had a baby called social media.  

And then there was content creation….

I see social media like the wall of postcards that use to be in cafes. It takes something special to make you stop and look.  I feel challenged creating content that can be turned around quickly. It might not be perfect but it tells the right story at the right time.  Because tomorrow’s newspaper is just fish and chip wrapping.  

The thing is… I can’t do this alone. You are the person that holds the stories of your business. I merely entice them out of you and translate them into your customers language….adding a bit of marketing strategy.  So really this is stuff I can teach you to do for your business. 

Let me reorganise your marketing toolbox.

We live in a world where we think we need to be constantly upgrading our tools.  But before we throw the baby out with the bathwater let’s look and see what marketing systems you haven’t been making the most of!  I don’t want to sell you anything new.  Let’s just look at your resources differently.  This is one of the reasons why I’ve focused on creating content on my phone…..the greatest storytelling device we all have in our pocket. 

I’m just one woman, with too many ideas and an iPhone. 

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