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Hospital Life

I lived in hospital for 5 weeks. I wasn’t confined to bed but I mostly hung out in my room, I was allowed to walk to the downstairs café each day and could go on outings if someone took me in a wheelchair. After a week I realised I was in for the long haul so I came up with a plan to embrace my new life. Follow the links below for more details. Fashion and style for hospital life Interior decorating for the hospital room Masterchef with a cheese knife and a hospital menu Supplies from the outside In the end, I was extremely lucky and in an amazing turn of events I was home earlier than I expected. It was actually hard to leave…… so here’s to you Ward 4. Dear Ward 4 Well this is it …..the last night. I feel weird packing my room up. I think I’m going to miss the quiet nights and the city lights. I don’t really know how to say thank you. You’ve seen me desperately …

Gift bags

Supplies from the outside

Gifts and visits. What do you really want when you’re stuck in a micro environment for months? How much do your friends really like you? I rated them, introduced requested tasks and graphed the outcome. After all the energy to collect this stuff and when I had to move out I made up gift bags to share with the other inmates.            

hospital food 1

Masterchef with a cheese knife and a hospital menu

Surviving the food for 5 weeks!  I’m vegetarian and I love cooking. It was so hard to eat hospital food all the time. After praying Jamie Oliver was going to come and save me, I got a fridge, knife and chopping board. Soon I was ordering off the menu, requesting essentials from friends and creating a revised menu. But thank god for uber eats! Here’s a sample of the delicacies offered on the hospital menu.

bathroom styling

Interior decorating for the hospital room

You can style anything. Double J was playing 90’s music all month so hanging out in my room, decorating it and listening to 90’s music was a bizarre flashback to my teenage years. But I didn’t have my dad to help me move the furniture around. I was learning Canva and found a real estate flyer template so it was time for a photoshoot and a fake ad.

make up collection

Fashion and style for hospital life

Mission was to learn new hair and make up techniques and try not to walk around in pyjamas for the rest of my life. I watched many a video, created a Pinterest board, spent an hour or two every day getting ready and taking selfies of my progress. Now I’ve been released into the outside world people are impressed how good I look. That’s what a month of intensive study does!

street art trail

Walking tour – Street art

Working with the Fremantle Story team I got the chance to plan, write, and photograph a walking trail around the city centre about Fremantle’s Street art collection. Even got an article published in their Autumn magazine! Try out the Explore Fremantle street art trail next time you’re in town.

lets meet the neighbours

Let’s meet the neighbours

Too many interesting conversation with people in my neighbourhood inspired me to start a podcast with Tania.  It launched as part of the Fremantle  Heritage Festival in May.  Download now  on iTunes and SoundCloud.  Follow us on Facebook for  updates and to see photos connected to each story.

ferris forum

Ferris Forum

How to make a youth forum more interesting? Put it in a Ferris wheel! Working with Miles Openshaw from the Globe Town Project, the Fremantle SWITCH ( Youth Advisory Council)  ran a series of workshops with other YACs in the lead up to the forum, to explore issues affecting young people. The themes developed in the workshops were used to create the Ferris Forum which was run as part of the SWITCH it up event which closed National youth week. On the day, mixed groups of five people entered the ferris wheel for a rapid fire, seven minute long discussion about the most pressing issues for youth today. It’s hoped the short amount of time riders will have in the wheel will produce genuine and candid responses that other mediums fail to uncover. Above Photo: Minister for Youth Hon Peter C Tinley and Mayor of Fremantle Dr Brad Pettitt participating with young people in the Ferris Forum. Photo credit Response collection team After discussions in the wheel, the results were collected via video and survey …