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story ride

Story Ride

This has been my favourite project yet! It took awhile to come together but now it’s in action it works even better than I imagined.  Working with the Fremantle Bicycle Users group ( BUG) and Samantha Hughes from Inkling Arts we created a story to fit a 2km bike path that links South Beach to the Esplanade Reserve in Fremantle. Install team  The story is spaced along the bike path so you can read it while riding. The promo models The story Order the book online via the Inkling Arts website.   Story ride in action

building a dome


I started exploring how to build a dome while working on friends, folly and flowers.  It finally got built a few weeks ago! All you need is a deadline right?  We needed a open mic stage for a youth event I was working on. and it conveniently all packs down to a bundle of sticks.    

Bindoon boots social media

Bindoon Boots social media

Bindoon Boots are a ugg boot manufacturer based in Fremantle. They wanted help with their social media.  So I loaded up my car with boots and spend a few days taking pics and making a Facebook plan for them. It’s an amazing factory with only a handful of people creating them. Got a bit obsessed with the industrial sew machines.


Blog post

Yep it’s true writing a blog post is all about the stationary you use and the clothes you wear.  Wrote this one a couple of days before the long weekend and got incredible stats on it.  Was super happy.  Thanks to all the Fremantle businesses that were so willing to talk to me! ( and Fremantle story for actually publishing it. Read the post on the Fremantle Story blog.   

23 PPC Keyword Goldmines Waiting to Be Uncovered

There’s hardly a time in a PPC campaign’s lifecycle that you wouldn’t need new PPC keyword ideas. Whether you’re just starting out or have been fishing in the PPC waters for years, there’s always room for additional keyword research. If you’re just starting out, it’s pretty simple: you need the keywords for laying out the foundation of your campaigns. Read Article


These guys are great!  They have come a long way in six months. The structure for SWITCH and YAC11 is complete and elections are happening right now. While this has been going on the SWITCH have been involved in many events, issues and forums such as: Mental health week, Millennium Kids, representing youth within the BID, donating to #itsinthebag campaign, and lobbing for local issues. I can’t wait to see what they do next!