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hospital food 1

Masterchef with a cheese knife and a hospital menu

Surviving the food for 5 weeks!  I’m vegetarian and I love cooking. It was so hard to eat hospital food all the time. After praying Jamie Oliver was going to come and save me, I got a fridge, knife and chopping board. Soon I was ordering off the menu, requesting essentials from friends and creating a revised menu. But thank god for uber eats! Here’s a sample of the delicacies offered on the hospital menu.

bathroom styling

Interior decorating for the hospital room

You can style anything. Double J was playing 90’s music all month so hanging out in my room, decorating it and listening to 90’s music was a bizarre flashback to my teenage years. But I didn’t have my dad to help me move the furniture around. I was learning Canva and found a real estate flyer template so it was time for a photoshoot and a fake ad.

make up collection

Fashion and style for hospital life

Mission was to learn new hair and make up techniques and try not to walk around in pyjamas for the rest of my life. I watched many a video, created a Pinterest board, spent an hour or two every day getting ready and taking selfies of my progress. Now I’ve been released into the outside world people are impressed how good I look. That’s what a month of intensive study does!

building a dome


I started exploring how to build a dome while working on friends, folly and flowers.  It finally got built a few weeks ago! All you need is a deadline right?  We needed a open mic stage for a youth event I was working on. and it conveniently all packs down to a bundle of sticks.    

friends folly flowers

Friends, Folly & Flowers

I’m developing and testing a concept with my talented neighbour Bridget. Friends, Folly and Flowers is a pop up imagination playground. It’s a free play space which allows children and their parents to run in and play straight away. no lines, no waiting, no structured activity. Here’s some photos from our experiments so far.  

Fashion for over 60

Fashion ideas for 60+

My Mum was traveling to Europe for the summer to attend my brothers wedding. So even though we live in different countries I started intervening about what she was going to wear as mother of the groom…… Then I got carried away and organised a whole wardrobe for her holiday. It was shipped over waiting for her when she arrived.  So I’d love to post a picture of the final outfit she wore to the wedding but  I still don’t have any official photos yet. Read the magazine of ideas I put together for her.

Christmas Tree project

Every year I try to avoid buying and storing a massive Christmas tree. We have a bush pole in the middle of our living area so we thought we’d try turning it into a tree. Here’s a quick tutorial if you want to give it a go. Materials – 6m cotton drill fabric (108cm wide) – Retic pipe and screws 1. Measure and plan the shape of your tree We made our tree with a 86cm circumference at the top and 3m circumference at the bottom.             2. Make the framework Cut retic pipe to size and use joiners so you can slide the fabric onto the pipe and then attach it to the pole later.  The pipes need to be fixed to the bottom and top of the pole with nails or screws to create tension on the fabric. Note: it took a bit of trial and error to get the tension right.               3. Measure and cut the fabric panels I created 6 …