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Curious program


Curious was a major project for the community development unit.

This project united all the learning programs under one umbrella. Previously the library, meeting place, youth, positive aging, aboriginal engagement and sport created and marketed their own programs individually.

This encompassed developing a new name, brand, enrolment, evaluation and workflow management systems……..all meeting accessibility design requirements.

It was a fantastic project working with an amazing team of people.

Keep up to date with the latest program at or book tickets via Eventbrite.

Curious program template

Curious program template

Promotional poster

Promotional poster


We’ve been doing the bulk cook strategy for a couple of months now. It’s saving me! Saturday nights we put the toddler and the baby to bed crack out the wine, cheese and spotify while we prep food for the week. (we make bigger serves so we can add to our collection of frozen meals).

Hardest thing I found was finding vegetarian recipes and selecting a variety of flavours and textures that would freeze well.

So here are my favourite picks so far!

Dinner recipes that freeze well:



Pasta sauce

Yellow curry paste

Dinner recipes to cook fresh 

These require minimal attention but I’d probably still make this earlier in the day…..  anything can happen at 5pm.


Salads that will last a week in fridge. I learnt basically replace salad leaves with red cabbage and cucumber with celery.

Breakfast on the run

Instead of cake at 3pm

This gets me through the dinner/ bed dramas in a way better mood.


Hospital Life

I lived in hospital for 5 weeks. I wasn’t confined to bed but I mostly hung out in my room, I was allowed to walk to the downstairs café each day and could go on outings if someone took me in a wheelchair. After a week I realised I was in for the long haul so I came up with a plan to embrace my new life. Follow the links below for more details.

In the end, I was extremely lucky and in an amazing turn of events I was home earlier than I expected. It was actually hard to leave…… so here’s to you Ward 4.

Dear Ward 4

Well this is it …..the last night. I feel weird packing my room up. I think I’m going to miss the quiet nights and the city lights.

I don’t really know how to say thank you. You’ve seen me desperately in tears, completely freaked out and pepped up on a mission with some ridiculous project. I’m completely useless at remembering names but at one time or another each of you have come to the rescue and shared a stupid story, explained something to me at just the right time or shown me unbelievable amounts of compassion.

So to the one who watches airplane crash shows to relax, the lady who I never realised I tower over, the ones that matched me in crazy discussions in the logistics of going clubbing and sneaking a one night stand past the nurses desk or starting a placenta encapsulating business from my room, the vampire ladies who got needles in and out without me even realising, through the make up discussions, the hotel style cleaning service, the room service mail deliveries, and the ones that could creep in at night with the softest touch and escape unnoticed. Thank you so much! I can’t believe I get to leave here with something I never fully believed was possible… a live baby.

One regret though….

I never got a hot drink.

From Room 15
(12 May – 16 June 2017)

Gift bags

Supplies from the outside

Gifts and visits. What do you really want when you’re stuck in a micro environment for months? How much do your friends really like you? I rated them, introduced requested tasks and graphed the outcome. After all the energy to collect this stuff and when I had to move out I made up gift bags to share with the other inmates.

gift graph









hospital food 1

Masterchef with a cheese knife and a hospital menu

Surviving the food for 5 weeks!  I’m vegetarian and I love cooking. It was so hard to eat hospital food all the time. After praying Jamie Oliver was going to come and save me, I got a fridge, knife and chopping board. Soon I was ordering off the menu, requesting essentials from friends and creating a revised menu. But thank god for uber eats!

Here’s a sample of the delicacies offered on the hospital menu.




bathroom styling

Interior decorating for the hospital room

You can style anything. Double J was playing 90’s music all month so hanging out in my room, decorating it and listening to 90’s music was a bizarre flashback to my teenage years. But I didn’t have my dad to help me move the furniture around. I was learning Canva and found a real estate flyer template so it was time for a photoshoot and a fake ad.

hospital room panorama

hospital room panorama

fake real estate ad

fake real estate ad