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record player

vintage record player

When we built our house there were a few pieces of vintage furniture from my grandparents house I wanted showcase in our home. This radiogram was a feature in my grandparents lounge room and I loved it. We were also considering purchasing art but I loved the idea of having record covers on display.

After extensive pinterest research we discovered Ikea shoe storage boxes are perfect storing records and Ikea frames were the perfect size for record covers! We had a large plain wall above the stairs  but to create a record space there was much harder than you would think. We moved lights,  added a powerpoint, mounted the storage boxes and had difficult access to hang the frames! I’m really happy with how it turned out, what would have been a dead space in our house feels like another room.

It was a quandary to source and decide what covers should go in the frames.  I picked up these records for $2 each to get the project rolling.  I’m still rummaging in record bins to find new gems….. I think it might turn into a changing feature wall.

baby room

Girls bedroom

I wanted to create a girlie room but not your usual one covered in pink. It needed a statement wall that wouldn’t be too hard to change when she develops her own interests so I created a secret garden using fake flowers instead of bunting.

I gave an existing bookcase a facelift using contact to create a multi functional ‘doll house’ for toy and book storage.  The shelves are large enough to accomodate different sized items since the types of toys she uses will evolve over the next few years. There’s all so a snuggly spot for reading stories that will eventually be her toddler bed.


hilton harvest

Hilton Harvest

I have been working with this fantastic community group that runs an extensive gardening and community connection program….. off the back of a group of very passionate volunteers! I analysed their current funding and looked for areas to optimise income and presented a report with recommendations.  After further discussions we came up with the solution of creating a brochure that could be easily edited and printed in house to promote donations from business and regular users of the garden.

Download the brochure or learn more about Hilton Harvest community garden

kids play kitchen

Play kitchen

I made this when Jack was 18mths old and I saw other people had play kitchens in their homes. I didn’t want to commit to having extra furniture cluttering up the space so I created this cover for our dining table chairs.  It was sewn out of leftover fabric so it’s washable and is stored in a kitchen drawer.

I didn’t want to have a whole collection of kid size kitchen things so I made slots to fit our kitchen utensils. When he’s “cooking” he uses real pots and food from the fridge this means any food that’s past its prime gets used for Jacks cooking before it goes in the bin.

It is working better than I expected. Recently we needed to include his ikea stool to the kitchen set up so he could have some “bench space” for his food preparations. Next step is to get him making stuff we want to eat!

dining study

Home office

We work from home and have had different versions of an home office over the years. Last year we changed to Xero software so are mostly paperless and working off laptops so a traditional office isn’t required anymore. We were also finding having a toddler and an office space weren’t working becuase he needs to be right near you “ helping”.  Then with the arrival of a new baby we were forced to make a choice about the use of rooms in our house.


We decided to move the office into our dining area. We put the wireless printer in a cupboard upstairs and created a servery style office with space for each family members “office” supplies and two desks.   We added extra powerpoints and lighting above the desk. To avoid over filling the space with chairs the kids Ikea stools became the desk chairs. We still have to centre the light having the new table. But loving the space and its working really well.

dining study

dining study

As I often do art projects we decided this was the time to change our dining table so we could accommodate 6 people for a meal and it could be used as a sewing table.



Australia summer your door way becomes a dumping ground for sun hats, sun screen and beach gear. My Great Grandma’s singer sewing machine is used as a hall table. I originally had a hat stand next to it but it wasn’t strong enough for all the stuff we needed to store there. So we got this kitchen rail with hooks from Ikea and added 3M hooks for hats above. Now it means we have to buy fancy hats…..excellent.



ultimate camping set up

After a series of tent breakages and a year of deliberation and research about the ultimate camping set up we picked up a second hand 2007 Jayco Hawk. After a quick weekend camp we wrote an extensive list of modifications to make while keeping it a simple as possible to set up. The aim was it should only take us 40mins to set up a full campsite.

It turned out great and being self sufficient with luxuries has  opened up so many more camping sites to us…..especially with two small kids in tow.



Added drawers in the poky cupboards inside and large drawers to the outdoor cupboard to create an outdoor kitchen. We bought Ikea wire drawers that fit on the floor when the caravan is packed down. When we arrive at destination they fit on the bench secured with small wing nuts to store our clothes. I recommend Kathmandu tanker cargo bags as they compress small bags when you have unpacked.


More gas and gas points

Added an extra 5kg bottle and got 2 gas points added at the back of the caravan for the hot water, shower and the BBQ.



Bought a hot water system and created a custom bracket to hold the shower in place. Then a pop up tent can be placed over the unit if extra privacy is required.


Outdoor Kitchen




We revised the bbq stand to save time in set up and create a larger food prep area. This means we had to create a specific plan of how to pack the caravan so we don’t have to dismantle this! The ziggler and brown bbq is great as it as the option to turn it into two gas hot plates if you don’t want to have a traditional bbq.





We installed solar panels and added a plug and usb point that enables us to charge off 9volt power. Also added an anderson plug to run the fridge and charge the battery while we are driving.


Added electric pump on inside tap rather than the original hand pump.

All bedding, toiletries and kids toys are kept in caravan. Microfiber towels are a great space saver and dry so quickly on a campsite. We stocked up on gourmet pantry essentials so we just grab any fresh food left in our fridge before we leave and that will be enough to last us a few days.


propel y culture grants - ru cercle

Panel Member – Arts Grants

It was an honour to sit on the assessment panel for theDrug Aware YCulture grants. Administered by Propel Youth Arts these $3k grants offer young people funding to get their arts idea off the ground.  It was fantastic to see the process that young people are going through to develop their arts practice and the quality of the projects funded is impressive.  Here is a clip from one of my favourite projects Ru (//) Cercle

Image credit: Ru (//) Cercle via Propel youth arts

Curious program


Curious was a major project for the community development unit.

This project united all the learning programs under one umbrella. Previously the library, meeting place, youth, positive aging, aboriginal engagement and sport created and marketed their own programs individually.

This encompassed developing a new name, brand, enrolment, evaluation and workflow management systems……..all meeting accessibility design requirements.

It was a fantastic project working with an amazing team of people.

Keep up to date with the latest program at or book tickets via Eventbrite.

Curious program template

Curious program template

Promotional poster

Promotional poster


We’ve been doing the bulk cook strategy for a couple of months now. It’s saving me! Saturday nights we put the toddler and the baby to bed crack out the wine, cheese and spotify while we prep food for the week. (we make bigger serves so we can add to our collection of frozen meals).

Hardest thing I found was finding vegetarian recipes and selecting a variety of flavours and textures that would freeze well.

So here are my favourite picks so far!

Dinner recipes that freeze well:



Pasta sauce

Yellow curry paste

Dinner recipes to cook fresh 

These require minimal attention but I’d probably still make this earlier in the day…..  anything can happen at 5pm.


Salads that will last a week in fridge. I learnt basically replace salad leaves with red cabbage and cucumber with celery.

Breakfast on the run

Instead of cake at 3pm

This gets me through the dinner/ bed dramas in a way better mood.